What is Turn-Key Installation?

When we say turn-key, we mean that our products are built and installed fully complete and ready to operate. All you will have to do is "turn the key" and our windows are available for you to use — worry-free, guaranteed!


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Our installation process includes:

  • All window installations reviewed by a Colorado Licensed Professional Engineer

  • We mask off and cover the floor in indoor work areas, and protect your lawn and garden in outdoor work areas

  • Excavation and soil haul off

  • All concrete wet sawing done from the outside 

  • Custom engineered no-maintenance aluminum exterior structural frame

  • Vinyl Low-E dual-pane energy efficient windows

  • High quality Boman-Kemp white area well with ladder

  • Many style options available for timberwell and covers, if desired

  • Weather-proof foam insulation and rubber sealant around new window and well

  • Primed MDF interior extension jamb and trim

  • Washed rock at base of new well

  • 5-year guaranteed warranty on all installations